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Raw Basic Centrifuge

Raw Basic Centrifuge

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The Raw Power Centrifuge eliminates the need for filtering, settling, pumping, pressure and headaches. We've developed that special, reliable and trusty tool that once you have it in your hand, you can't live without. In three to four hours 50 gallons of wvo is ready to be used as fuel.

This centrifuge has the ability to produce fuel quality oil from a variety of waste oils including waste motor oil, wmo, waste vegetable oil, ATF, hydraulic oil and basically any kinds of waste oils.

This centrifuge spins at 3450rpms and produces 1200 units of G-force. Centrifuge is gravity fed and designed to be a single pass system. No messy filters to buy, change or monitor.

The dirt and water become trapped in the centrifuge bowl, while the clean oil sprays out over the top, collecting on the sides of the housing, then flowing out the drain tube. The centrifuge bowl is 8 1/2" outer diameter and will hold 22ozs of contaminants. The bowl will need to be cleaned approximately every 300 gallons and features a drain port on the side of the casting for easy removal.

This centrifuge works by applying g-force to a liquid, causing a settling of the denser particles and fluids to occur. Water and dirt are heavier than oil, so the centrifugal forces pull the unwanted particles and liquids out of the oil. This allows you to safely burn the oil in a diesel vehicle or convert into biodiesel.

The Baldor 1/3hp/150watt motor is custom made in the USA and features special upgrades for use with waste oils. Sealed bearings and a special channel have been added to protect the motor.

The unique lid design aids in the removal of water. Water is a primary target when cleaning oil. This unique design allows you to vent off water that turns to steam when heated or that happens to make it out of our bowl in the mist spray.

It is recommended to heat the oil to at least 150F for better separation which will allow a flow rate of 10-15gph. Ideal temperature range is 150-200 degrees F. Non-heated oil can be used, but not nearly as effective. This will lower the flow rate to 5gph or lower depending on the temperature and the quality of the oil.

Some assembly required.

1 Year Limited Warranty: This centrifuge comes with a free replacement of any part that wears out or breaks during the first year. This warranty includes seals, latches, bearings, cast structure, and the rotor. Labor for repair and shipping is not included.

5 Year Replacement Warranty On Major Components: Our centrifuge comes with a 5 year replacement warranty on non wear items such as bearings, seals and brushes. Shipping is not included.

Optional Heater: 1000W Bolt on Immersion Heater
~Thermostat of 60-250F degrees
~Custom Cast Aluminum Heater manifold
~Two 3/4" NPT to Hose adaptors
~One 3/4" NPT Plug
~1ft 3/4" High Temp Silicone Heater Hose
~Two 1" band clamps
~Does not include power cord or switch
~1 year warranty on heater
*Additional $307

Optional Booster: Designed for the Raw Basic & Extreme Centrifuges to increase efficiency and allow for the ultimate cleaning performance. This booster maintains an easy and quick cleaning ability of the open bowl design.
The oil starts spinning prior to entering the centrifuge bowl which will reduce the turbulence in the bowl. Also, the booster feeds the incoming/dirty oil into the bottom of the centrifuge bowl, forcing the dirty oil to have to work it's way through the entire batch of existing oil in the bowl.
Bolts on to rotor with no modifications and does not need to be removed when cleaning the bowl. Requires feed through center port.
*Additional $100.00

Items that go with this product

booster1.jpgRaw Centrifuge Cleaning BoosterSKU Raw-CCBPrice $100.00
immheater.jpgRaw Centrifuge Bolt-On HeaterSKU Raw-IHPrice $327.00
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