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Collection Lids

Our Lids will keep your oil secure and the weather out!

Lids fit standard 55g steel drums

We offer quantity pricing; call for more information

55x-lid55g Drum Expanded Steel Collection Lid

3/4" Expanded Steel
Our best priced collection lid

SKU CL-55SXPrice $119.99
55a-lid55g Drum Angle Iron Collection Lid

1/8" x 1" Angle Iron
Our most secure collection Lid

SKU CL-55SAPrice $134.99
55p-lid55g Drum Perforated Steel Collection Lid

1/2" Perforated Steel
Our most convenient lid to clean

SKU CL-55SPPrice $129.99
OSL55g Outside Locking Ring
16 gauge ring
SKU 55-LID-OSLPrice $14.99* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.
BoltRing55g Bolt Ring
12 gauge ring
SKU 55-Lid-B5/8Price $16.99* Quantity Pricing Available. Follow link for details.
SBR55g Drum Security Ring

Our most secure Bolt Ring

SKU CL-55SDRPrice $29.49
Pic_Coming.jpgSecurity Bolt
Bolt for Drum Security Ring
SKU KR5/8-11-3Price $12.99
SBKSecurity Bolt Key

For use with the Security Bolt Ring

SKU KR50GWPrice $35.00
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