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Filter Bags

We carry a variety of sizes/rating Filter Bags for waste oil filtration, WVO filtration and various process liquid filtration. We have bags for Trade size 1 and Trade size 2 with a positive seal and bags to fit the X100B housing.
We also carry bags for Gravity Filtration. 
LIFH-RB1N.gifX100B Filter Bag

Polypropylene Material.
6x20 size and will filter several types of contaminants including WVO.

SKU X01Price $4.49
LIFH-RB1A.gif7x16 Positive Seal Polyester Filter Bag

Use with Size 1 Filter Housings.
Plastic ring for positive sealing.

SKU PSPE1P1Price $4.99
Hbag1N.gif7x16 Polyester Filter Bag w/Handle

Size 1 bag with steel ring & handle.
Perfect bag for gravity filtration.
5 Micron only

SKU PE1P5Price $4.99
HbagA.gif7x32 Polyester Filter Bag w/Handle

Size 2 filter with steel ring & handle.
Perfect bag for gravity filtration.
Price varies with micron rating.

SKU PE2P1Price $9.99
Adapter_s.jpgBag Filter Adapter Head

This Adapter Head is compatible with 7x16 and 7x32 filter bags that have a steel ring.

SKU FB-AHPrice $19.99
Pic_Coming.jpgFilter Bag for Side Mount Strainer

Replacement bags for our Side Mount Drum Strainer.

Price $5.99
GSK-600.jpgSide Mount Drum Strainer

The Side mount works by forcing thick fluids and particulate to settle to the bottom while allowing thinner fluids to pass through the bag.

SKU GSKPrice $39.99
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