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55g Drum Security Ring

55g Drum Security Ring

SKU CL-55SDRPrice $29.49
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This Security Bolt Ring utilizes a hardened stainless steel security bolt with a unique key pattern, Guard/Retainer Spring and welded Thread Shield. No longer do you have to worry about someone cutting your padlock, gluing the tumblers or multiple keys. One bolt key fits all security bolts. The 5/8" hardened stainless steel security bolt has button head with a center pin to make it truly tamper proof.

The Guard/Retainer Spring prevents the bolt from falling out when the band is off. The best advantage of the guard/retainer spring is that it prevents a would be thief from being able to access the bolt between the lugs of the ring. If a thief tries to use channel locks or a pipe wrench to turn the bolt the spring simply spins on the bolt. A welded thread shield covers the exposed threads to prevent tampering with the end of the bolt.

Included with Ring:
  Hardened Stainless Security Bolt
  Guard/Retainer Spring
  Welded Thread Shield  

Bolt Key not included with ring; sold separately.

Items that go with this product

SBKSecurity Bolt KeySKU KR50GWPrice $35.00
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