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Fuel Additives

We carry additives to help with Biodiesel, WVO & Diesel. They will help lower your pour point or CFPP and prevent plugged filters and fuel lines.  The Biocide Kill 'Em will control bacteria and fungi growth. 

Additives can only ship within the 48 states

B100Technol B100 Bio Cold Flow Improver

The Cold Flow Improver will depress the Pour Point and prevent gelled fuel. Permits easier flowing of B100 during cold climate conditions. Works well with waste vegetable oil.

SKU B100Price $24.99
Hot4n11Hot 4 in 1

#1 recognized heating oil treatment. Lowers pour point of heating oil. Eliminates sludge and reduces soot.

SKU 4n1 Price $14.99
KillemKill Em

Highly recommended to control bacteria and fungi growth in oil!

SKU KLEM-16Price $25.99
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