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Technol B100 Bio Cold Flow Improver

Technol B100 Bio Cold Flow Improver

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Technol B100 Biodiesel Cold Flow Improver is a specifically engineered and unique Biodiesel Pour Point Depressant designed for Soy feedstock. During cold temperatures, unconditioned Biodiesel forms large, cohesive, fatty particles that gel into a solid mass. This impervious mass of gelled fat clogs fuel pick ups and lines, stopping fuel flow.

B100 depresses the Pour Point and improves ignition properties by modifying the size and shape of these fatty particles in suspension, preventing an impervious mass of gelled fuel.

B100 is not a hydrocarbon diesel fuel additive used at high concentrations that performs poorly in Biodiesel fuel. Independent tests on (SME) Biodiesel has shown a pour point reduction of 30°F @ the ratio of 1 gallon to 750 gallons. (1:750)

Biodiesel cold temperature gelling properties differ greatly from feedstock to feedstock. You can expect differing amounts of Pour Point benefit depending upon your choice of feedstock.

1oz. will treat 5.63 gallons

1 32 oz. bottle will treat 180 gallons of fuel

~Specifically formulated to improve the pour point cold flow capabilities of Soy B100 by 30°F

~Permits the smooth-flowing of B100 during cold climate conditions

~Works well with waste vegetable oil

~Reduces fuel pick-up and line clogging

~Large cohesive fatty solids that bind together forming a gelled mass are not allowed to form effectively lowering the pour point

~Recommended for vehicle and home heating B100 Pour Point conditioning

~Registered with the EPA for on-road vehicle use
Recommend Usage:

~Government installation, Oil Dealers, stationary or mobile diesel-powered engines or generators, power companies, paper mills, trucking fleets, boat fleets, and facilities consuming B100 Biodiesel

~For bulk, saddle and vehicular storage tanks

~May be used in vehicular tanks for direct applications

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