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Centrifuge Accessories

Our line of products for the Centrifuges including extra rotors, mounting brackets and viton seals.

Rotor_Seal_Kit1gpm Rotor & Seal Kit
Compatible with GSP1 & FT25 centrifuges
SKU R/S KitPrice $96.00
qq1gpm Rotor

Extra rotor for 1gpm Centrifuges

SKU FT25-RPrice $75.00
dd2.6gpm Rotor

Extra rotor for 2.6gpm Centrifuges

SKU FT60-RPrice $130.00
22Centrifuge Seals

Seals for 1 or 2gpm Centrifuges

SKU Cent-SPrice $19.99
1-BRH.jpgCentrifuge Bracket

1gpm Bracket designed to fit over a drum.

SKU F2F-BRHPrice $14.99
2-BKH.jpg2gpm Centrifuge Bracket

Bracket is designed to fit over a drum

SKU F2F-BKHPrice $14.99
booster1.jpgRaw Centrifuge Cleaning Booster

Designed to increase efficiency and allow for the ultimate cleaning performance.

Please call for lead time

SKU Raw-CCBPrice $100.00
immheater.jpgRaw Centrifuge Bolt-On Heater

Heat oil over 200 degrees with this custom heater.

Please call for lead time

SKU Raw-IHPrice $327.00
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