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Snow Goose Decoys
Snow Goose Decoys
Snow Goose Decoys 1

Snow Goose Decoys

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We start with a 610mm (24") long x 7mm (.28") diameter fiberglass rod sharpened on one end.
The thicker fiberglass rod does not bend as easily as others decoy rods and makes it easier to push into the ground. Metal stakes bend easily and smaller diameter rods bow when they are pushed into semi frozen ground.
The top ball gives you more surface area to push against while putting the decoys out so your hand doesn�t get sore when putting out large numbers of decoys.
The ball also gives you a secure place to grab to pull the decoys out.
The socks feature a 355mm (14") solid spine to keep the decoys from hanging in low wind situations.
The bags are made of 1443R Tyvek with a plastic ring in the mouth and metal grommets for the rod.
Our socks measure 320mm (12.6")x 520mm (20.5") which is larger than many other wind sock decoys.
All these features combine to give the decoy maximum longevity. Assembly required.

Sold by the dozen

Please call for quantity pricing and shipping

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