Side Mount Drum Strainer-SMDS



Side Mount Drum Strainer-SMDS

Side Mount Drum Strainer-SMDS


The “Side Mount Drum Strainer” (SMDS) will outperform any other drum strainer you have ever used. Designed to fit on a 55 or 110 gallon drum, it solves all of the problems associated with other drum strainers. With over 4.5 square feet of surface area, it nearly triples the surface area of its competition strainers featuring a horizontal strainer surface that will clog with thick fluids and particulate causing premature disposal.

The vertical strainer surface of the SMDS provides a much greater service life by forcing thick fluids and particulate to settle to the bottom while allowing thinner fluids to pass through the strainer. When using a heated drum, the thicker fluids will then be melted and strained for use instead of being discarded. Best of all, when the strainer does need to be replaced, it only costs a small fraction of the replacement price of other drum strainers. Available in 200, 400 and 600 micron mesh, the SMDS will outperform others strainers while offering substantial savings over time. It is simply the best choice.

The Kit includes: 3qt capacity funnel, filter bag adapter head, bracket and three (3) Trade Size 2 filter bags.

Side Mount Drum Strainer-SMDS


Filter Bags for SMDS
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