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Blind Sled

Blind Sled

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Updated Runner Design

Features of the Blind Sled
*Tow hooks on both sides of sled/platform allowing to be pulled forwards or backwards
*Made from heavy duty powder coated steel to resist rusting
*All parts are drilled for precise fit
*One size nut and bolt for all fittings makes for easy assembly
*Black zinc hardware to resist rusting
*Sled Weight: 119 lbs.

Available for these Redneck Blind Models:

*5x5 Trophy Tower Gun Blind

*5x6 Shooter Gun Blind

*5x6 Predator 360 Blind

*6x6 Buck Palace 360 Blind

*6x6 Ghille Deluxe Soft-Sided Blind

*6x6 Burlap Low-Profile Soft Sided Blind

A soft-side platform conversion kit is required for the use with our soft-sided blind models.

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