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Total Power

Can only ship within the Continental USA

Total Power is a highly effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends.

This additive is a combination of the technology of Fuel Power, Polar Power, Diesel Injector Cleaner, Cetane 8+, and includes a lubricity additive. Contains Fuel Power & Anti-gel factors.

Used regularly, Total Power can offer the following benefits:
Lower CFPP
Lower pour point
Clean injectors and raise cetane

Meets L-10.
Meets A.S.T.M. B.O.C.L.E.
Meets N-14.
Contains No Alcohols!

1oz treats 7.82 gallons
32oz bottle will treat 250 gallons

SKU: TP-32

$14.49 $11.39