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Lubricity 100%

Can only ship with the Continental USA

Lubricity 100% is the premier lubricity additive on the market today! It is formulated to increase the lubricity of Jet A Fuel (as well as NATO F-35, F-34 (JP-8) and JP-8+100) Turbine Fuels, Aviation, Diesel and Kerosene type fuels used in Diesel Engines and Diesel ground support equipment (GSE).

Low lubricating fuels, when used in diesel engines, cause problems related to the lubricity or the slip of the fuels. Problems related to premature wear in fuel pumps, both in-line and rotary as well as the pintle in the injectors can be totally eliminated with the use of Lubricity 100%.

Typical problems include hard starting, engine chatter, engine shut-down, loss of power and premature pump and injection system wear.

Independent laboratory tests using the U.S. Army BOCLE test and the ASTM HFRR tests confirm Jet A and diesel fuels treated with Lubricity 100% exceeds the EMA (Diesel) Engine Manufactures Association recommendations for fuel lubricity.

1oz will treat 12,5 gallons
16oz bottle will treat 200 gallons


$9.49 $7.39