Raw Heated Filter Combo



Raw Heated Filter Combo

Raw Heated Filter Combo


The Raw Power Heated Filter Combo is custom engineered for vegetable oil fuel systems. A complete solution for on-board filtration of water and fine particulates.

This Kit includes:
Heated Filter Head
1 Donaldson Filter
Reusable Drain Bowl

The Raw Power Heated Filter Head is a custom engineered aluminum head with ports for heat and fuel. ½”NPT inlet, outlet and coolant ports.

Coolant port can be used to add extra heat to the fuel as it flows through the head.

The Filter has a rating of 10 micron absolute and is 9.7” in length. High quality filters to separate water and block particles for use with WVO using the Synteq water block technology. Drain bowl is 2.5". Total length is 13.5" with filter and drain bowl.

Optional Heated Filter Wrap
200 watt 12v
200 watt 24v
200 watt 120v

Raw Heated Filter Combo

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