A new low cost, easy to install method to more precisely limit the upper temperature of the Vegtherm 12V inline SVO/biodiesel heater at low flow rates! Our genuine Vegtherm (TM) has always had an inherent upper temperature limit that is fail-safe and more reliable than thermostats.

However, at very low flow rates (for example, those fuel efficient smaller cars sitting idling in traffic on a summer day!) temperatures can creep up beyond what is desirable.

For those who feel they want more precise control and lower upper-limit temperatures in low flow rate applications we offer this very simple, reliable, low cost device.

Simply clamp the Vegsensor to the Vegtherm tube itself, or near it along the outlet line, and it will turn the Vegtherm on and off automatically; no fuss, no bother.

The sensor is made to respond to a temperature of 230F. For most applications mounting the Vegsensor at the end of the Vegtherm tube, corresponds nicely to the usual target SVO temperature in the area of 168F at the injectors.

6" in length

$25.00 $19.99 On Sale! Quantity

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