Technol 246 Super Sludge



Technol 246 Super Sludge

Technol 246 Super Sludge

Can only ship within the Continental USA

This 8oz. bottle of Dispersant has been specifically formulated for sludge contaminated fuel tanks.

The entire fuel system from tank to injectors, along with the heat transfer tubes are cleaned. This allows the fuel system to operate at its optimum designed efficiency with the maximized BTU output and heat transfer possible.

Beyond cleaning the entire fuel system, Technol 246 emulsifies and removes water, inhibits fuel system corrosion, and further improves #2, 4, and 6 Fuel Oil, Kerosene combustibility for a more complete fuel burn. BTU output is increased, you get more heat/power from the same amount of fuel resulting in improved overall fuel quality and economy. Sludge Dispersants breakup and dissolve sludge, these small particles are then
suspended in the fuel and most pass harmlessly through filters and nozzles without plugging.

Non-metallic modifiers improve the ignition process for an earlier, longer, and more complete fuel burn, this is how the fuel produces increased heat/power output as fuel efficiency is increased. These modifiers will also lower Nox, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon and particulate emissions. Black soot from poor combustion is eliminated.

Water miscible solvents and emulsifiers allows free water and oil to mix, then as the fuel is called upon for use this “water in oil emulsion” is removed from the tank burnt and sent up the stack as steam. Any large amounts of water that can not be emulsified is rejected to the tank bottom for easy removal or pumped out for proper disposal.

8oz bottle will treat 275 gallons.  1 oz. will treat ~34 gallons.

* Eliminates sludge buildup
* Cleans tanks, lines, filters, nozzles, combustion chambers and heat transfer tubes
* Inhibits corrosion
* Emulsifies and controls water
* Improves fuel combustion
* Retards biological growth in fuel
* Is completely miscible in fuel

Vehicle Warning
This produce is NOT registered with the EPA And NOT recommended for on-road use.

Technol 246 Super Sludge

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