Hot 4-n-1 Gallon



Hot 4-n-1 Gallon

Hot 4-n-1 Gallon


Can only ship within the Continental USA

Totally disperses water and controls waxing and gelling.

There is always water in fuel oil, but some people downplay the existence of water and the problems it can create. Oil pumped from a cold delivery truck's tank into a warm basement tank causes condensation. Also, water can enter a tank when it is being filled during a rain or snow storm. When water interfaces with fuel oil, algae is produced in the form of sludge. Water pulls the gum from the fuel oil which builds up on the burner parts as varnish. Filters are meant to get rid of dirt. That leaves the water for you to contend with.

Dispersing Water: HOT 4 in 1 disperses any normal accumulation of water in a tank, turning it into a combustible solution.

Getting rid of sludge: HOT 4 in 1's specially formulated chemical base dissolves the sludge into a combustible substance in such a way as not to clog nozzles while assuring clean filters and strainers.

Improving atomization and reducing soot: HOT 4 in 1 eliminates sludge so the oil reaching the nozzles is clean. This will mean improved atomization takes place and soot is reduced substantially. Ultimately resulting in more complete combustion, less smoke and better fuel economy.

Preventing waxing and gelling: HOT 4 in 1 will disperse the water that causes fuel line and fuel filter icing. During the coldest days of winter, fuel oil in outdoor tanks can cease to flow. This additive will improve flow-ability of the fuel oil at lower temperatures by significantly reducing the pour point, by as much as - 40 degrees F and the cold filter plug point (CFPP) – 20 degrees F.

~1oz. will treat 17.19 gallons

~1 gallon will treat 2,200 gallons


Hot 4-n-1 Gallon
$65.99 Quantity

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