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FT20 Centrifuge

FT20 Centrifuge

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Centrifuge only

This Centrifuge was designed specifically for cleaning particulate from waste oils and fluids. This design does not include a cut-off valve, which after multiple uses becomes inoperable and will cause the centrifuge to work at a diminished capacity or not at all.

The centrifuge works by means of centrifugal force and is capable of cleaning fluids to one tenth of a micron. High pressure oil is pumped to the centrifuge and sprayed from opposing jets to spin the rotor at speeds approaching 8000 rpm to remove particulate from the fluid. This force extracts solid contaminants from the fluid stream and deposits them on the inner wall of the cleanable rotor as a dense, solid cake.

To clean WVO, settle the dirty oil in a separate container and filter to at least 100 microns to remove the larger particles out of the oil. Heating the WVO to a temperature of 100 degrees F will lower the viscosity and allow suspended water to settle.

The oil needs to be heated for the oil to move through the centrifuge. The fluid should flow like water for the centrifuge to work properly. Fluids other than WVO may or may not need to be heated to achieve the desired viscosity. Temperatures of at least 150�F must be maintained and temperatures above 180 degrees are not beneficial. If you complete enough passes, the centrifuge will polish the oil to < 1 micron. Please note that you can not reach <1 micron with one pass, approximately 3-4 passes will be needed to accomplish the desired micron rating. This centrifuge is not intended to separate water from the fluid. A small amount of trace water can be removed via evaporation while the centrifuge is in operation.

NEVER allow the pressure to exceed 100 psi. Over 100 psi will cause damage and void the warranty.

The rotor will need to be cleaned approximately every 150-200 gallons and will take 5-10 minutes to complete the process. The rotor will be extremely hot and will need to cool prior to cleaning. You have the option of purchasing an extra rotor to use while cleaning the dirty rotor.

Flow rate: .095 gallon per minute or ~60 gallons per hour

Inlet port: 1/4" FNPT inlet port

Rotor capacity: 12 oz. of contamination

Need to be cleaned: Approximately every 150-200 gallons

Dimensions: 5in diameter and 6 tall

Warranty: 5 years against manufacturer defects

PSI: 85-90 PSI for optimum performance

*You need to purchase a pump with motor to operate the centrifuge.

*Will clean waste and/or virgin vegetable oil, used motor oil or Biodiesel in the wash process.

*Will remove Magnesol; more than one pass may be needed.

*Will remove traces of glycerin at the end of the wash process. No heat needed and more than one pass may be needed.

*Is not a methanol recovery device.

*Can not be used to remove lye from Biodiesel production. Water wash is required.

*If using motor oil; may be useful to cut in 20% diesel to lower the viscosity if no heat is used.

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