Technol STR-2+ Fuel Oil Conditioner-8



Technol STR-2+ Fuel Oil Conditioner-8

Technol STR-2+ Fuel Oil Conditioner-8


Can only ship within the Continental USA

Can be used with blended biofuel up to B20.

Technol STR-2+® Distillate Conditioner is engineered to combat the major fuel oil problems associated in both the summer and winter seasons. These are fuel stabilization, sludge buildup, gelled fuel and ice, water contamination, algae, tank / fuel system corrosion and incomplete fuel combustion.

Technol STR-2+® Distillate Conditioner is the most cost effective maintenance conditioner that will keep your fuel and fuel system at their peak efficiency.

Stabilize your fuel - Sludge is formed as fuel degrades, breaks down and builds-up, more so over the hot summer months. In time, this sludge buildup becomes so great that you don’t realize you have a sludge problem until your filters clog. Keeping your fuel stabilized throughout the year will inhibit this sludge buildup from forming.

Water miscible solvents and emulsifiers allows free water and oil to mix, then as the fuel is called upon for use this “water in oil emulsion” is removed from the tank burnt and sent up the stack as steam. Any large amounts of water that can not be emulsified is rejected to the tank bottom for easy removal or pumped out for proper disposal.

Sludge Dispersants break up and dissolve fuel sediment sludge small enough that most pass harmlessly though filters and injectors, cleaning the entire fuel system. This enables your fuel system to operate at its peak efficiency with an optimally atomized fuel spray, leading to an increase in fuel economy.

Prevents gelled fuel - The pour point of your fuel can be lowered by up to 25°F. Cold Flow Improvers modify the wax crystals that form at temperatures below the cloud point by keeping them from forming an impervious mass of gelled fuel that blocks fuel flow. This keeps your fuel free flowing during cold climate conditions.

It is best applied before refueling to insure faster mixing and distribution.

Apply proactively, pour directly into the tank before the onset of cold temperatures and then refuel the tank to insure proper mixing and distribution.

Please call for pricing and lead time for 5 gallon pails.

Initial Application:
~16 oz. will treat 275 gallons
~1 gallon will treat 2000 gallons of fuel

Maintenance Ratio:
~8 oz. will treat 275 gallons
~1 gallon will treat 4000 gallons
~1 5 gallon pail will treat 20,000 gallons


Technol STR-2+ Fuel Oil Conditioner-8
$9.49 Quantity

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