100XB Polypropylene Filter Bag Housing



X100B Polypropylene Filter Bag Housing

X100B Polypropylene Filter Bag Housing


Picture is shown with optional steel stand

This light weight industrial bag filter housing is one of the most economical filter bag housings on the market. Made entirely of 100% polypropylene that is strong and highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and comes with an interior heavy duty polypropylene restrainer basket. Made with UV inhibitor for long-lasting, all-weather operation and durability.

Ideal for portable applications, this lightweight housing is immune to rust for a fraction of the cost of the competition. Twist-off lid design requires no tools for opening and closing vessel to provide quick and easy filter bag change-out. Rated for 100 psi at 110º F service for improved versatility. The clean wall design provides easy access, allowing manual cleaning or in-place flushing. Side inlet/bottom outlet eliminates sump to reduce waste. The self sealing bag results in no fluid by-pass for visibly clear results.

The 100XB bag filters measure 6"x20", which are equivalent to an industrial size #1 filter bag, have a 2.0 ft² of filter area with micron ratings as low as 1 micron absolute to 800 micron nominal at up to 55 gal/min.

Inlet and outlet ports are 2". Maximum temperature is 110 degrees.

100XB dimensions are 30" tall and 7" diameter. Add approximately 8 inches when a stand is added.

Comes standard with Buna seals, if you are making Biodiesel you need to upgrade to a Viton Seal.

When filtering WVO it can filter in excess of 150 gallons before clogging when oil temp is ~100 degrees F and the oil has been allowed to properly settle.

100XB can be purchased alone or with a welded carbon steel stand.

X100B Polypropylene Filter Bag Housing


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