WVO Filtration Units
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WVO Filtration Units

Our WVO Filtration Units are designed to clean your waste oil enabling you to use the oil as fuel in your diesel vehicle. We specialize in Centrifuge Units to filter waste vegetable oil, which will polish your oil to less than 1 micron. We also carry filter bag housing units which require a filter bag.

Cleaning your WVO has never been easier!

Please call or email for more information: 309-654-2875 or support@myriadpgi.com

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11 Base WVO Filtration Unit SKU: F2F-BN


11 Deluxe WVO Filtration Unit SKU: F2F-DELN


aa WVO Centrifuge Filtration Unit SKU: F2F-KIT


barrelfit.jpg 55 gallon Drum w/Fittings SKU: Drum-55FN


Foil.jpg Drum Foil Insulation This foil will work well for insulating
drums and preventing heat loss. Can
also be used to insulate fuel tanks. SKU: DFI


11 Ultimate Poly WVO Filtration Unit SKU: F2F-ULT


aa Ultimate Aluminum WVO Filtration Unit SKU: F2F-ULT-AL



Fryer to Fuel an Industry Leader in Alternative Fuel. We specialize in Centrifuge Units to filter WVO. Our Centrifuges will filter waste oil to less than 1 micron. The Filter Bags & Filter Bag Housings will also filter your waste vegetable oil. We carry biodiesel additives, drum heaters, blanket heaters, fuel filters, collection lid, drum strainers and vehicle heaters. See our line of Biodiesel Processors and Biodiesel Chemicals to make your own Biodiesel. Magnesol, Eco2Pure, band heater, straight vegetable oil, waste motor oil, wvo filtering, wvo centrifuge, biodiesel centrifuge, biodiesel processing.