Waste Oil Collection Lids
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Waste Oil Collection Lids

 Our Collection Lids will keep your WVO secure and the weather out!

Lids fit standard 55g steel drums

Please call or email for more information: 309-654-2875 or support@myriadpgi.com

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55x-lid 55g Drum Collection Lid-Expanded Steel 3/4" Expanded Steel Drum Lid
Our best priced collection lid SKU: CL-55SX


55p-lid 55g Drum Collection Lid-Perforated Steel 3/4" Perforated Steel Drum Lid
Our most convenient lid to clean SKU: CL-55SP


55a-lid 55g Drum Collection Lid-Angle Iron 1/8" x 1" Angle Iron Drum Lid
Our most secure collection Lid SKU: CL-55SA


secure-bolt-band 55g Drum Security Bolt Band Security Bolt Band Includes:
Hardened Stainless Security Bolt
Guard/Retainer Spring
Welded Thread Shield SKU: CL-55SDR


55-osl 55g Lockable Outside Lever Lock Band 18 gauge Lever Lock Band SKU: 55-LID-OSL


secure-bolt-key Secure Bolt Key Hardened Stainless Steel Security Bolt Key SKU: KR50GW