Waste Oil Collection Lids
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Waste Oil Collection Lids

 Our Collection Lids will keep your WVO secure and the weather out!

Lids fit standard 55g steel drums

Please call or email Fryer To Fuel for more details: 309-654-2875 or support@fryertofuel.com

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55x-lid 55g Drum Collection Lid-Expanded Steel 3/4" Expanded Steel Drum Lid
Our best priced collection lid SKU: CL-55SX


55p-lid 55g Drum Collection Lid-Perforated Steel 3/4" Perforated Steel Drum Lid
Our most convenient lid to clean SKU: CL-55SP


55a-lid 55g Drum Collection Lid-Angle Iron 1/8" x 1" Angle Iron Drum Lid
Our most secure collection Lid SKU: CL-55SA


secure-bolt-band 55g Drum Security Bolt Band Security Bolt Band Includes:
Hardened Stainless Security Bolt
Guard/Retainer Spring
Welded Thread Shield SKU: CL-55SDR


55-osl 55g Lockable Outside Lever Lock Band 18 gauge Lever Lock Band SKU: 55-LID-OSL


secure-bolt-key Secure Bolt Key Hardened Stainless Steel Security Bolt Key SKU: KR50GW