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We opened our business in 2004 after we found a need in the WVO Community for a One Stop Store. As we searched for help and different products we had great difficulties; there were very few places that sold WVO products and even fewer places where you could talk with someone. We pride ourselves on customer service, when you call you will speak with a friendly voice! 

aaWe started with one Filter Bag Housing Unit and have expanded to include WVO Centrifuge Filtration Units to meet your specific needs. 

The WVO Centrifuge Units will polish your oil to <1 micron and will extend the life of your vehicle fuel filter greatly. WVO Filtration Units with a filter bag housing utilize filter bags to clean wvo and we have different micron ratings and sock material to choose from for your specific application. We recommend filtering to at least a micron rating of 5 nominal.

Straight WVO needs to be heated for use in your vehicle, especially during the winter months. We have in-line fuel heaters; in-tank fuel warmers and fuel filter heaters to aid in that area. We also carry several fuel additives to help with the CPPF, pour point & gelling factor.

In the summer months we recommend if you are storing WVO for more than one month you purchase a bottle of Kill Em. This is a biocide that will control bacteria and fungi growth. 1 bottle will treat 1920 gallons. A great preventative medicine for your waste vegetable oil!

The biggest obstacle using WVO as fuel is to remove water and contaminants. Our studies have shown that heating the oil and allowing the water & sediment to settle is the most effective method for precleaning. We have drum heaters to help solve this issue.

WVO Centrifuges will insure that your waste oil is clean.  Your oil will be pristine with a rating of <1 micron.  We offer 1gpm centrifuges that will clean waste vegetable oil, waste motor oil, hydraulic and transmission fluid.

We have Biodiesel Processors for the Home Brewer to make biodiesel at home. 

Check out our entire product line for all your wvo and biodiesel needs. Drum top strainers are very useful and our Collection Lids will keep your waste oil secure.

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