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Ultimate UIT Filtration Unit

This unit comes with the UIT Filter Bag Housing

The Ultimate Filtration Unit is for the truly serious WVO Enthusiast that wants one system that will settle, clean and polish the WVO to less than 1 micron. This unit has the added space savings of the In-Tank Filter Assembly which gives you all the same benefits as the size 2 filter bag housing at a lower price and without the mess.

Start by pouring the dirty WVO into the settling drum through the 200 micron drum strainer which will eliminate the larger particles. Heat the WVO to ~110 degrees using the Brisk 1500w heater for 24 hours. The magnetic surface mount thermometer will ensure the accuracy of the temperature of the oil. The 55gal settling drum has a lower sludge drain and upper pump suction to ensure any particles that settle out stay in the drum. The ½ HP 12gpm transfer pump then delivers the WVO to the light industrial Universal In-Tank filter assembly(UIT-2) which provides a 4.4 ft² of surface area and discharges directly to the centrifuge drum. The UIT-2 mounts inside of the centrifuge drum and utilizes a size #2 filter bag to filter the oil before it is centrifuged.

The next step is to heat the oil to ~160 -180ºF with the 1500 watt Brisk heater and let the centrifuge do the rest. There are no parts to replace when the centrifuge is full, merely take it apart, clean it and you are back in business. A magnetic surface mount thermometer gives positive indication of temperature from 0-250 degrees F. The gear pump delivers the WVO to the centrifuge at 90psi for optimum performance. The excess flow is then routed back to the drum to stir the WVO which ensures the oil is as clean as possible.

After you have finished polishing the oil to your satisfaction; use the ½ HP 12gpm transfer pump and 20' hose and nozzle to pump your pristine oil from the drum.

This package includes: 2 - 55gal drums with welded bung fittings, GSP1 centrifuge, gear pump with hydraulic hosing rated to 400psi, 2 Brisk 1500 watt drum heater, industrial size 2 In-Tank filter assembly, three 5m nominal polyester filter bags, 200m drum strainer, two magnetic surface mount thermometers, 0-250psi liquid filled stainless steel 2.5” pressure gauge, two of the 12gpm transfer pumps, pressure gauge rated at 100psi, 20' fuel hose and nozzle, 6' of braided hose, 1- 8' power cord w/switch and all necessary fittings and valves to assemble the system. A lid will come with each drum.

Assembly and processing instructions will be e-mailed to you. For detailed information on a particular item, see that items description.

Our units are equipped with an “open top” design for drying of the oil. This allows for water and moisture to evaporate during the heating and centrifuge process time. If the lid is on the moisture has no where to escape and will fall back into your oil.

No need to reinvent the wheel, this is the complete turn key unit that you have been looking for!

Filtration Unit is now equipped with gate valves.