BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor



BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor



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The BioPro 190 converts organic oils into an alternative to diesel fuel called Biodiesel through a chemical process. The common name for the process is called an acid/base catalyzation. It's just a fancy word meaning that the oil is chemically altered to allow it to run in an unmodified diesel engine. What's unique about the BioPro 190 is that the majority of this process is done by the machine with very little user interaction. Instead of having to turn valves, meter in chemicals, and carefully monitor the machine, you just pour everything in, press a button and walk away.

Before starting the process, the user simply fills the machine with 50 gallons of filtered, dewatered oil. The oil can be any organic oil (tallow, fats, vegetable oil, etc), but in most cases, waste vegetable oil is the most commonly used feedstock to make biodiesel with due to it's wide availability.

After filling the machine with oil, the user fills the machine with a predetermined amount of catalyst and methanol. The catalyst is easily weighed and placed in the machine. The methanol is then added to the machine. The final step is to measure out the proper amount of sulfuric acid. The user then presses "The Big Green Button", waits for the mixing to start and then pours the sulfuric acid into the machine. And then, get this, THE USER WALKS AWAY allowing the machine to do its work. There is absolutely no need to monitor the machine at all. It does the majority of the work all by itself!

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Weight-455 lbs crated

Processing Capacity
50 gallon batch every 48 hours
150 gallons weekly
600 gallons monthly
7,800 gallons yearly

50 gallons of vegetable oil (feedstock)
10 gallons methanol
1520 grams (3.3 lbs) NaOH or 2350 grams (5.2 lbs) KOH
190 ml (0.8 cups) sulfuric acid
45 gallons standing fresh water or pressurized source (spigot)

Power Requirements
110 volt
1 year Warranty

Reaction Method
Acid catalyzed esterification/base catalyzed Transesterification

Wash Method
Three stage water wash….
Spray wash
Turbulent wash
Turbulent wash, followed by evaporative drying cycle

PLC controlled automated mode, with switch actuated manual overrides

BioPro 190 Biodiesel Processor